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The new Look of Black Oak Beers

Yes, we've had some work done. It was time to update things and we hope you're as thrilled with the changes as we are. Have a look at our award-winning beers below and if you have any questions just let us know!

Year 'round favourites


    Pale Ale

    Our Pale ale is created using varying styles of brewing from all over the world in order to deliver a bright, superbly well-balanced and flavourful Pale Ale.

    We use German hops to give a soft bitterness without astringency and English hops to enhance floral and earthy tones. We finish by adding large amounts of American hops at the end of the boil process to produce an aroma of pine and citrus, leaving your palate refreshed and thirsty for more.

    Style: Pale Ale - ABV: 5% / 35 IBU


    Most Recent(ish) Awards:

    • SILVER - Ontario Brewing Awards, 2013: British Pale Ale category
    • GOLD - Ontario Brewing Awards, 2012: British Pale Ale category
    • SILVER - Canadian Brewing Awards, 2009: English Style Pale Ale Category
    • SILVER - Ontario Brewing Awards ,2009: Pale Ale Category
    • BEST BEER - Golden Tap Awards, 2008: voted at festival
    • BRONZE - Canadian Brewing Awards, 2007: English Style Pale Ale Category
    • SILVER - Ontario Brewing Awards, 2007: Silver Pale Ale Category




    Nut Brown Ale

    Our Nut Brown Ale is truly one of a kind. This mahogany, English-American hand-crafted brown ale carries notes of chocolate and roasted hazelnut, followed by a light dry finish. From bonfires to snowshoeing, this well-balanced, easy-drinking brew is available year-round for your drinking pleasure.

    Style: Brown Ale - ABV: 5% / 24 IBU


    Most Recent(ish) Awards:

    • GOLD - Canadian Brewing Awards, 2013: Brown Ale Category category
    • SILVER - Ontario Brewing Awards, 2012: Dark Ale Category
    • PEOPLES CHOICE - Ontario Brewing Awards ,2011: Dark Ale Category
    • SILVER - Ontario Brewing Awards, 2009: Dark Ale Category
    • FAVOURITE TORONTO CASK - Cask Days 2008




    10 Bitter Years

    In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we crafted the first available Imperial IPA in Ontario. After winning multiple awards, we decided to make this strong, distinctive, and extra hoppy beer available year-round.

    10 Bitter Years pours a faint burnt orange in color and carries notable soft malty characteristics that are enhanced with zesty citrus and tropical fruit aromas.

    We double dry hop this unfiltered beer with a variety of top secret North American hops showcasing the iconic flavour that has made this one of the smoothest and most sought after Imperial IPAs available.

    Style: Imperial IPA - ABV: 8% / 80 IBU


    Most Recent(ish) Awards:

    • GOLD - Canadian Brewing Awards 2011: Imperial India Pale Ale category
    • BRONZE - Canadian Brewing Awards 2010: Imperial India Pale Ale category
    • GOLD - Ontario Brewing Awards 2010: India Pale Ale category


Seasonal Brews



    Beat the Heat

    Beat The Heat Belgian Styled Wheat Beer is a thirst-quenching, light bodied farm house ale with complex earthy citrus notes.

    We combine orange zest, Saaz hops, and a touch of spice to create a refreshing beer that is best enjoyed chilled while relaxing in the summer sun.

    Style: Wheat Beer - ABV: 4.5% / 15 IBU


    Most Recent(ish) Awards:

    • BRONZE – Ontario Brewing Awards, 2013: Belgian Wheat Ale Category
    • SILVER – Canadian Brewing Awards, 2010: French & Belgian Saison Category
    • GOLD – Ontario Brewing Awards, 2009: Fruit Beer Category
    • BRONZE – Ontario Brewing Awards, 2007: Specialty/Flavoured Ale Category




    Love Fuzz

    Our Love Fuzz Red Ale is triple-hopped using Legacy, Simcoe and Galaxy hops to create very subtle blueberry, citrus and pine notes that complement its natural malty caramel flavours.

    Inspired by the love of craft brewing and great music, all of us here at Black Oak Brewing Co. invite you to savour this Canadian Brewing Awards Gold Medal Winning Ale.

    Style: Red Pale Ale - ABV: 6.2% / 40 IBU


    Most Recent(ish) Awards:

    • GOLD – Canadian Brewing Awards, 2016: American Amber Category



    Nox Aeterna

    Strong and smoky on the palate, dark as night in colour our Nox Aeterna (Latin for “Eternal Night”) Smoked Oatmeal Stout is brewed seasonally using flaked oats and locally roasted coffee.

    Reminiscent of a campfire, smoked malts combined with flavours of chocolate and espresso add a strong and distinctive flavour to this deliciously complex brew.

    Style: Smoked Oatmeal Stout - ABV: 7% / 40 IBU


    Most Recent(ish) Awards:

    • GOLD – Ontario Brewing Awards, 2015: Smoked Beer Category



    Break of Dawn

    This bright and juicy American style Pale Ale is bursting with aromas and flavours of mango, grapefruit and passionfruit arising from fresh Chinook, Galaxy and Mosaic hops.

    This sessionable ale is light and refreshing, making it the perfect easy drinking summer patio brew.

    Style: Dry Hopped Session Ale - ABV: 4.5% / 45 IBU





    Oaktoberfest is the first traditional Marzen Lager ever micro-brewed in Ontario and the only lager we regularly produce.

    This flavourful seasonal brew is carefully crafted to emulate a style most known for celebrating the Bavarian festival of Oktoberfest in early autumn. Pouring a crisp copper colour and rich in spiced hoppy aromas with a creamy malty taste, this lager is a mouth-watering favourite.

    Style: Marzen Lager - ABV: 5% / 22 IBU




    Sink or Swim

    Soft on the nose, bursting in flavour, our Sink or Swim Dry Hopped Saison pours a beautiful straw yellow in colour and carries undertones of lime and yellow plum with a bright zesty lemon finish.

    Bubbling with complex character and a mild hop bitterness, this light and refreshing seasonal brew is often released in the dog days of summer when the sun is hot, but the beer is cold!

    Style: Dry Hopped Saison - ABV: 4.5% / 20 IBU




    Nutcracker Porter

    Released annually in the winter months, our multi-award winning Nutcracker Spiced Porter is a thick, dark black porter carrying notes of cinnamon and nutmeg on the nose with a balanced but spicy kick on the palate.

    Full of character, this rich and hearty beer is an ideal winter-warmer sure to keep you snug n' cozy throughout the cold-weather holiday season!

    Style: Spiced Porter - ABV: 5.8% / 25 IBU




    Triple Chocolate Cherry Stout

    The perfect combination of both sweet and tart without sitting heavily on the palate. Brewed seasonally during the winter months, our Triple Chocolate Cherry Stout is a thick but medium-bodied and easy drinking chocolaty beer!

    Cocoa powder and cocoa nibs sourced from local chocolate traders are combined with a rich chocolate malt and a hint of local Ontario cherry juice to deliver a soft and smooth mouth-feel with a light-tart cherry finish.

    A beautifully well balanced, delicious chocolate cherry treat.

    Style: Stout - ABV: 5.6% / 30 IBU



Black Oak Epiphany No. 2 Imperial Pilsener
Epiphany No. 2 is a play on styles as they combined both traditional Czech lager ingredients with Comet, Wakatu and Saaz hops. Weighing in at 7.7% and 37 IBU’s, you will find a pronounced bready malt forwardness, boozy warmth and floral bittnerness perfect for springtime enjoyment! Their brewers also added unmalted wheat to create a creamy foam cap.


Full Flavoured
10 Bitter Years Imperial India Pale Ale
Our 10th Anniversary beer is a strong, bold brew that is bitter and dry. Lots of bright tropical fruit, citrus flavours complement a dry and bitter finish. Oh, and Ken's still bitter.

Wheat Beers

Unfiltered Belgian Wheat Brewed with wheat, orange zest, coriander and special yeast, this seasonal ale delivers continental character and flavour. Unfiltered with an orange hue, pleasant citrus aroma, slightly higher carbonation all combine for a thirst-quenching beer. Perfectly proportioned wheat and spice provides a smooth refreshing ale, just right for hot summer days.

Stouts & Porters

Nutcracker Porter
Festive and fortifying for the winter holiday season, it's a porter that has been spiced with cinnamon. Perfectly balanced roasty malt with subtle hops delivers character and flavour. Dark ebony colour, enticing hoppy aroma with hints of figgy pudding, mild carbonation leads to a distinctive taste in a full bodied beer.